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Xriah and Lissah Statues :icondrakinite:drakinite 1 0 Art Stream 2/26/17 Requests :icondrakinite:drakinite 2 3 Commission - Cirrus Stripes :icondrakinite:drakinite 1 0 Vallady Sketch :icondrakinite:drakinite 3 0 Free Fireworks Brushes :icondrakinite:drakinite 4 0 Weeee I'm a birdy :icondrakinite:drakinite 2 1 Steven Universe: Desktop Background :icondrakinite:drakinite 4 0 Commission - Tridashie :icondrakinite:drakinite 5 1 Commission - Red Card :icondrakinite:drakinite 4 3 Epic Ricehat :icondrakinite:drakinite 7 4 Jupiter - 30 Minute Challenge :icondrakinite:drakinite 7 3 30 Minute Challenge: Rainbow Dash :icondrakinite:drakinite 2 1 30 Minute Challenge: Twilight profile :icondrakinite:drakinite 4 4 TRUE BLUE LOVE :icondrakinite:drakinite 4 1 Speedpaint / Experiment - Trixie and an Explosion :icondrakinite:drakinite 3 0 Nightmare Eclipse - Commission :icondrakinite:drakinite 3 3


20161220 065627 :iconmuffinmanzero:MUFFINMANZERO 3 0 Pearl Spear :iconkyuubicore:KyuubiCore 53 13 Lapis Lazuli :iconkyuubicore:KyuubiCore 384 68 Suicune into a pokeball :iconjonathanjo:Jonathanjo 1,316 76 Pearl Screenshot Repaint :iconsolar-wanderer:Solar-Wanderer 97 5 Rarity Camping outfit :iconshogundun:Shogundun 85 3 Once upon a time in Equestria :icondevinian:Devinian 3,934 315 pony shower :iconteranen:teranen 244 15 Shyswim :iconteranen:teranen 650 47 Minty Root :iconshogundun:Shogundun 30 8 Solution :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 4,188 653 Fine 'n Dandy :icongrievousfan:grievousfan 870 130 Oh brutter :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 2,146 81 Calm Excitement :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 1,752 46 Twilight in Daylight :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 1,554 56 A Rare Sight :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 1,572 56


Xriah and Lissah Statues
Here's a 3D thing I made as a gift for a friend, in beautiful 1080p glory! Please use as your desktop background! :D
Scene set up and Rendered by the lovely and amazing galawaille: :icongalawaille:

I made the character models in Blender. It was actually my first time using blender, and I learned a lot doing this. It was a good time~
These characters are from the book series Playing Gods, here's a link if you're interested…
Vallady Sketch
Character from Lupus Draconis's Playing Gods series ;
I was bored in math class and decided to do this thing. I like to imagine that while she can dance well, she enjoys dancing like crazy at a rave.
Free Fireworks Brushes
Decided to make a few brush presets. It uses foreground/background color jitter and size fade. Change values to your heart's content.

Preset is located here:…
I'd personally say the fifth one is the best. ;)

If you do use it, I would sincerely appreciate a link to this page, for others to be able to use the same preset. Also, be sure to show me! I'd love to see what you can do with these presets!

Yeah! I'm doing any sort of art commission. Ponies are my specialty, but I can do anything!

Here are the base prices: 

$5: Sketch

You can get anything specific you like, like some of these. What qualifies as a sketch? Anything with light detail and no linework/fills. You can choose it to be clean, like Galawaille (4th), or with light colors, like Pixel3000Nerd (3rd), or shaded, like rainbow dash (2nd) or a special request (1st).
This is per character.
   Soup Store by drakinite     Soup Store Sketch Only by drakinite    Pixel3000nerd Mememe by drakinite    Galawaille by drakinite Derpy Go Ponyville by drakinite

$20: Lined and colored, basic shading

*psst* this is a great deal - Here are some examples of what you can expect. The two on the right (Red Card and Tridashie) are two commissions I made with this specification.
Each additional character is $10.
    Nightmare Eclipse Transparent by drakinite    Without Text by drakinite    Red Card Commission by drakinite    Tridashie - Transparent by drakinite

$45: Full painting with background

You can expect a fully shaded digital painting with a background. Ricehat/Shogundun (2nd) was my most recent. I tend to either blend multiple styles, or paint everything with one/two brushes. The choice is up to you!
Each additional character is $10-15.

   TheTaze by drakinite    Epic Ricehat by drakinite

Again, these groupings apply to any kind of painting, even though I have only shown ponies. I can draw anything else you want (humans, anthro ponies, or something completely unrelated), but be warned that it might not be as good.

Yes, I will draw NSFW if you want. Those will be special requests, and I will charge twice for explicit content, no exceptions.

Want something specific that isn't listed, or have a special request (e.g. want to keep it for yourself / me to not upload it)? Message me and we can work something out!


1. Message me with the request, and we set a price.
2a. If it's a sketch commission, I am paid upfront.
2b. If it's above a sketch commission, I make a quick sketch of what the drawing will look like. If it's a sketch commission, I will finish it and send it over as soon as I can!
3. If you like the sketch, you pay me half first.
4. I finish the commission.
5. I send a smaller, watermarked version over for you to see the final product.
6. You pay me the rest of the commission.
7. I send the full, finished piece to you!

The reason I have this laid out so specifically is because I don't want chaos. The reason I prefer this half-and-half method is because it ensures that I get the commission done. If you get paid 100% for something upfront, you won't be very motivated to finish it, will you? :P
This way, it will protect both you, the commissioner, and me, the 

Thank you so much, and I hope you like my art enough to support me for it! <3<#


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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
I'm an animator and artist. I mainly do MLP:FiM stuff; but my interests vary, and so do the things that I draw.


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